What Does Mālama Maui Mean?

Mālama Maui is a call to action for both residents and visitors to actively participate in the stewardship of Maui's resources. It encompasses a range of activities aimed at preserving the island’s environment, culture, and community well-being. Here’s what Mālama Maui represents:

1. Environmental Stewardship

Maui’s stunning landscapes, from lush rainforests to pristine beaches, require ongoing care to remain vibrant and healthy. Mālama Maui emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices, such as reducing waste, conserving water, and protecting native species.

2. Cultural Preservation

The rich heritage of Maui, rooted in Hawaiian traditions and values, is integral to the island’s identity. Mālama Maui encourages the preservation and celebration of local culture, from supporting Hawaiian language and arts to respecting sacred sites and customs.

3. Community Engagement

Caring for Maui also means fostering a strong, supportive community. Mālama Maui involves initiatives that enhance the quality of life for residents, such as educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and support for local businesses.