Our Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fabrics


Feel the Benefits of Art, Beauty and Nature in Eco Fabrics

At Fleur De Lei we're a team of dreamers and believers who love mixing art, beauty and fashion with nature the right way. When it comes to the building blocks of life, nature is said to be the original architect for billions of years and continues to give people tremendous inspiration in modern design, sustainability and innovation. A good start to sustainable fashion is choosing the right fabrics that feels luxurious, comfortable and wonderful on the skin. We want our customers to integrate nature into their lifestyles and absorb all the goodness nature has to offer from organic cotton to smooth silks. Every beautifully crafted and nature inspired product from Fleur De Lei is made with love and Aloha.

The key to sustainable living and ethical shopping is about making simple, practical and thoughtful choices that reduces our environmental impact while improving the health, vitality and livelihoods of diverse communities, local businesses and the environment. In a world of seemingly endless options, we're consciously signaling our unique brands that utilize the best renewable resources, guarantees the highest level of workmanship and committed to preserving and promoting environmental awareness. 

Our goal is to connect our customers back to nature with smart, innovative, sustainable products and nature-inspired designs that helps open our senses, minds and bodies to the natural world. 

Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening - Coco Chanel

In recent years, new innovations in the textile industry and the development of better fabrics is quickly changing the fashion industry standards in design, style and sustainability. Emerging eco-friendly textile companies is revolutionizing the way fashion industry's practices in cultivation, renewable energy and greener production of raw and bio-based materials like wood pulp and cellulose fibers. The result is luxurious spun fabrics that's non-toxic, ethical and sustainable for the worker and consumer.

Fleur De Lei proudly offers exclusive eco-friendly collections from trendy fashion labels to up-and-coming independent designers in apparel, accessories, gifts and home decor. We're exploring creative alternatives to fashion, sustainable design and inspired by the people’s remarkable stories behind every signature product.

Join the global ethical fashion movement that engages and empowers consumers to make informed choices about purchasing products that help improve the health and vitality of our planet, so that nature can continue to give back all we need to currently sustain life and for future generations.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fabric Guide 


Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly, uses less water and doesn't require the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Rayon is result of Bamboo process and the fabrics are soft and versatile 


Organic cotton is cultivated and certified to meet organic agricultural standards. It's produced without the use of toxic or harmful chemicals, petrochemical dyes, pesticides, insecticides, bleaches, non- GMO


Hemp drives from the plant Cannabis that's grown easily with little water, chemicals or fertilizers. Cultivating hemp prevents soil erosion and improves soil's health. It's all natural fibers is very durable, versatile and weather resistant 



Derived from Flaxseed it's naturally resistant to bacteria and one of the oldest natural plant and seed fibers. It's stronger than cotton, highly absorbent, breathable and cooler to wear in warm climates 

Natural Fibers

Animal's natural hair, nail or fur and not synthetic, artificial or plastic. Animal fibers include Wool from Sheep, Cashmere and Mohair from Goats and Angora from Rabbits. The fabrics yield a very soft, warm and insulating texture 

Plant-cellulose base

New technology in cellulose and bio-based materials are manufactured and regenerated from proteins of plant and tree base. Viscose fiber is processed using a wet-spin technique, which results in a cool, smooth and highly absorbent 

Recycled/ Upcycled

Made from post-consumer waste like plastic bottles and renewed or blended to create new fabrics. Reusing existing fabrics keeps petrochemical fabrics, like polyester out of landfills and reduces the need to cultivate new raw materials 


Silk is a natural protein fiber that's cultivated from certain insects cocoon larvae like the Mulberry silk worm. Its delicate, shiny, smooth, yet strong long fibers is regarded as the most luxurious of fabrics in the world

Wood pulp

Produced from the cellulose of wood pulp Tencel (lyocell) is from Eucalyptus trees and Modal from Beech wood. Its harvested from tree farms that use no genetic mutation or pesticides. The fabric has a luxurious "silk-like" drape and naturally wrinkle-resistant