Eco Friendly & Ethical Fashion

Why Eco Fashion?

Eco fashion collectively brings everyone together across the supply chain from farmer to consumer and benefits businesses by significantly reducing cost, waste and alleviating extreme poverty for garment workers worldwide. Eco fashion is the solution to toxic fast-fashion trends, for the ethical shopper it's the answer to dressing responsibly and for small retailers it's a new opportunity to source materials responsibly and maintain their ethical standards.

When it comes to eco-friendly and ethical fashion even the smallest decisions can have a big impact. By choosing to shop independent and locally owned businesses that encompasses sustainability, social responsibility and ethical environmental practices can help raise global awareness in future innovation, encourage investment in local communities and creates a higher demand for better quality products in emerging markets. 

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness - Ghandi 

The EPA released an alarming report that estimated Americans consume about 20 billion garments and throw away an average 10lbs of clothing per person every year, with no signs of it slowing down. Not only is disposable clothing wasting valuable space in our landfills, but fabrics like polyester are saturated with petrochemicals that's highly toxic and could take anywhere from 30-40 years to break down, creating even more environmental problems for the future.  

While improvements in technology has helped increase efficiency in production and raise awareness in the media about the horrors of unsafe sweatshops, it still comes as no surprise how quickly the majority of consumers and clothing suppliers turn a blind eye. Consumers are often left with little choices and less concerned about their garments origins when 98% of America's clothing production is cheaply manufactured overseas in underdeveloped countries. The lack of transparency in the fashion industry not only makes it harder to track the supply chains but often exploits workers’ rights, wages and has disastrous effects on the environment.              

As fashion trends quickly change by the seasons and landfills are continuing to fill up with cheap disposable clothing, it's becoming clear that fast-fashion trends are dangerously unsustainable on all levels. Increasing public demand for more transparency on clothing labels helps keep more companies accountable, implement better policies and creates higher standards in renewable energy, sustainable materials and efficient manufacturing practices.

Where Design Aesthetics Meets our Ethics...

The clothes we wear tells a story and we want our clothing and products to tell a good story that inspires our customers to support ethical fashion through sustainable choices combined with fresh ideas, innovative method of production and sophisticated design. We're showcasing designers who take pride in creating pieces with integrity and looking to work with suppliers that meet our ethical manufacturing criteria. By staying close to our ethical manufacturing guidelines, we can feel good about purchasing garments of higher quality, that's made to last and helps curb the desire to buy cheap disposable clothing.

The health of the planet rests largely on how we address and treat our current and future environmental challenges. The good news is there are better options, choices and ways to deal with global manufacturing problems, but the bad news is companies are slow to address every stage of the manufacturing process. For us a simple and effective way to avoid unethical marketing and business practices is to abide by ethical manufacturing criteria and buy directly from showrooms, brands and designers who are trustworthy, keep close tabs on all aspects of their supply chain, committed to the garment worker's well-being and focused on minimal impact on the environment.

Curating the right brands for our store is about matching the designer's aesthetics with our ethics, showing our appreciation for nature and giving back to communities around the world. We're choosing to make a difference in the fashion industry by putting everyday purchasing power back into the consumer hands with better selections of ethical brands and open transparency that gives our customers a closer look at what's behind responsibly made fashion. Ultimately we need more consumers to support ethical brands, collective action that keeps the pressure on the fashion industry and hold companies accountable to higher standards that respects human life and the environment.


Our Ethical Manufacturing Criteria


Products are handcrafted in small quantities using traditional techniques like embroidery, weaving and hand block printing that preserves cultural and historical meaning


Materials and production are designed to use less water, energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint like bio degradable packaging

Environmental Stewardship

Promoting conservation, restoration projects and raising environmental awareness in local and global communities

Ethical Manufacturing

Brands and companies meet fair trade practices and comply in accordance with international cultivation and textile standards like GOTS, Unicef, Fairtrade International and Oeko-tex certifications

Fair Trade

Transparent and accountability for workers in safe conditions and paid fair wages on all levels of manufacturing, trading and held to higher social and environmental standards

Made in USA/Local

Products and goods are locally produced, manufactured, or made in U.S.A with a limited run, support local charities, businesses and track global supply chains

Stop Human Trafficking

Aimed at fighting against trade and exploitation of people for economic gain that disproportionately affects impoverished women and children


Use of clean technology and renewable energies to produce materials that generate little carbon footprint or zero-waste

Vegan/ Animal rights

Animal cruelty free, no animal testing or harmful by-products were used in the production of good and products